Up Big Bend Trip Slideshow

Photos taken during TLAS field trip to Big Bend in July 2011

Along Lost Mine Trail 2011_07_17_1679
Black Bear 2011_07_17_1671 -1
Black Bear 2011_07_17_1699
Black-headed Grosbeak 2011_07_14_1491
Blue-throated Humingbird 2011_07_14_1501
Blue-throated Hummingbird 2011_07_14_1519
Blue-throated Hummingbird pair 2011_07_14_1520
Bullock's Oriole 2011_07_15_1568
Cactus Wren 2011_07_15_1537
Casa Grande and Chisos Lodge
Chihuahuan Raven 2011_07_17_1715
Chisos Basin View
Common Raven 2011_07_16_1588
Cottontail 2011_07_17_1674
Curve-billed Thrasher 2011_07_17_1718
Distant rain shower through Window
Golda and Liz
Hepatic Tanager female 2011_07_14_1478
Homer Wilson Ranch Big Bend
Javalina 2011_07_16_1570
Lesser Nighthawk 2011_07_16_1582
Lucifer Hummingbird 2011_07_16_1643
Marilyn on Lost Mine Trail 2011_07_17_1673 -1
Mexican Jay 2011_07_15_1540
Mexican Jay eating from hand
Moon over Chisos Basin 2011_07_16_1569
Mt Emory
Rainbow over Chisos Mtns
Rio Grande at Cottonwood 2011_07_16_1578
Rio Grande shallow 2011_07_16_1580
Sabrina on Death March 2011_07_15_1544
Say's Phoebe HY 2011_07_15_1554
Sc ott's Orioles 2011_07_14_1493
Scaled Quail 2011_07_17_1717
Verdin 2011_07_17_1721
View of Chisos Basin from Pinnacles Trail
View of Mexico from South Rim

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