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Pics from a great field trip taken by TLAS members in August 2008. The weather was great and the the creeks were flowing, the valleys and even the mountains were a carpet of green due to recent rains. Many thanks to our hostess, Cathy Hoyt and our very competent guide, Carol Edwards. Sabrina Nicholson took the scenery and 'people' pics, and Gil Eckrich tried to photograph the many bird species.

Beth, Wayne, Marilyn, Guide Carol
Black-headed Grosbeak FtDavisAug08 150
Black-throated Sparrow FtDavis Aug08 021
Blue Grosbeak FtDavis Aug08 167
Broad-tailed Hummingbird FtDavis Aug08 166
Canyon Towhee FtDavis Aug08 157
Carol, Beth, Wayne, Marilyn, Gil
Cassin's Kingbird FtDavis Aug08 094
Cassin's Kingbird FtDavis Aug08 112
Cholla Cactus
Clark's Grebe FtDavis Aug08 114
Fort Davis 013
Fort Davis 014
Fort Davis 026
Fort Davis 028
Fort Davis 035
Fort Davis 041
Fort Davis 076
Fort Davis 138
Fort Davis 151
Gil, Marilyn, Wayne, Carol
Grace's Warbler FtDavisAug08 141
Grace's Warbler FtDavisAug08 145
Lake Balmorhea
Left by tree clearing crew
Lesser Goldfinch FtDavis Aug08 188
Madera Canyon Creek
Madera Canyon small creek
Maderal Canyon Pond
McIvor Lodge
Mead's Wood-Nymph FtDavisAug08 108
Miter Peak FtDavisAug08 071
Mountain Short-horned Lizard FtDavisAug08
Mountain Short-horned Lizard
Phainopepla FtDavis Aug08 211
Red-tailed Hawk FtDavis Aug08 134
Rufous-crowned Sparrow FtDavis Aug08 148
Sabrina taking pics
Say's Phoebe FtDavisAug08 044
Scott's Oriole FtDavisAug08 180
Taking break above 7k feet
Westerm Grebe FtDavis Aug08 073
Western Wood-Pewee FtDavisAug08 091
White-breasted Nuthatch FtDavisAug08 117

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