Bird Sightings/Reports

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Gil Eckrich found a totally unexpected bird in his backyard on 31 January, a Warbling Vireo. This marks the first time the species has been seen inland in North America during
winter. The bird has continued through 4 February.

Randy Pinkston was guiding a field trip for the Texas Ornothological Society on 18 January when he made a great find, the first known county record of a Red-throated Loon, at Union
Grove Wildlife Management Area on Stillhouse Hollow

While not exactly in our immediate area, another noteworthy bird is a male Cape May Warbler found by Greg Lasley at Hornsby Bend, Austin.

The TLAS field trip to the LRGV (Lower Rio Grande Valley) was a great success after a freezing start! Ice was encountered until almost to Falfurrias, south of San Antonio! Participants did not look for parrots that first night, but were treated to a true spectacle on Saturday evening when hundreds of parrots flew in to roost at Oliveira Park in Brownsville.

On 4 February Crystal Hammond and Gil Eckrich found a Red-tailed Hawk of Harlan’s Hawk race just East of Academy on Reeds Lake Road.