Other Organizations

We are not the only organization with an interest in birding and bird conservation. Here are a few that we think are relevant to our interest or that we have worked with closely in the past.

The Nature Conservancy

Works to protect important habitat for birds in Texas. This includes protecting our coastal wetlands and the Attwater prairie  chicken. One of our previous presidents, Rich Kostecke, is an associate director of conservation in the Austin area.

American Birding Association

The ABA is the original birding organization. It has more of a focus on birding rather than bird conservation.

Texas Ornithological Society

The Texas Ornithological Society maintains the official state checklist and reviews rare bird reports for our area. They also put on programming for birders throughout the year. Some of our members have been very active members of this organization and currently the Chair of the Bird records committee is Randy Pinkston.

If you have an organization that you would like listed here please contact us!